Special Orders

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10 foot Cantilever Sunbrella A aluminum market umbrella with bronze pole

10' cantilever offset patio umbrella with fade resistant Sunbrella A Canvas Flax 5492 canopy on bronze aluminum frame support. Model CALI338. Base included. Price is $875 plus $389 shipping (freight lines) 

This is a custom-made, non-refundable umbrella. 1-6 weeks to produce.  


11' Galtech thatched umbrella canopy replacement

11' Galtech thatched umbrella canopy replacement US$295.00
11' Wooden Market Umbrella

  • 8 pieces total at $129.95 = $1,039.60
  • Shipping as 2-packs at $212.68
  • Canopies are Tangerine Protexture
30 6.5' wooden market umbrellas with tilt, black protexture

30 6.5' market umbrellas with tilt and black protexture canopies at $59.95 each. UPS ground shipping is $4.78 each.

40 Navy blue umbrellas (Dahlgren Duck)

This order is for 40 navy blue 6.5' beach umbrella at $29.95 each and $168.97 UPS ground shipping.US$1,366.97
Alto908 Frame: silver

$135 plus $43.34 ground shipping.US$168.34
Beach umbrella carry bag accessory w/ free shipping

Beach umbrella carry bag accessory w/ free shipping

Handy oversized carry bag for beach umbrellas.US$4.95
Custom Gazebo Canopy

  • Custom gazebo canopy to match customer's current canopy which will be discarded after completion of new canopy.
  • Material: Sunbrella Canvas Walnut.
  • Customer will ship canopy to: Andres Sewing 2696 Lavery Court ste. 28 Newbury Park, CA 91320
    Shade USA will provide a cover letter to Andres Sewing to be included with the original canopy.
  • This is a non-refundable transaction.
Custom order

  • 1 piece 7.5' replacement umbrella canopy @$149.95
  • 1 piece 8' x 8' square replacement umbrella canopy @ $295
  • Fabric is Canvas Granite 5402
  • Customer is shipping existing canopies to follow as patterns. Ship to: Andres Sewing 2696 Lavery Ct Ste 28  Newbury Park, CA 91320 (please include your order number with your shipment)
Custom order

  • RL80 fillable umbrella base; 2 x $59.95
  • Shipping to zip code 28277: 1 x 83.52
  • This is a custom, non-refundable order.
Custom Order

Miami Cigar and Company:

  • 6 patio umbrellas with custom branding;
  • Frame: antique bronze with crank lift, no tilt;
  • Canopy: Black Protexture with 3-year fade warranty;
  • 6 screen charges @ $40 each;
  • 24 white imprints, 4 per umbrella on alternating panels;
  • Graphic artist charge to create mock ups: 6 @ $15 each
  • Shipping UPS ground to zip 38762: $76.72

Custom order: Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines

Custom order: Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines

  • Galtech 183
  • Solid canopy: Sunbrella Canvas Aruba 5416
  • Quad Pulleys (stainless steel)
  • Premium Finish
  • Threaded Coupling
  • Brass Trim & Decorative Ring
  • 8 Ribs
  • Six layers of varnish for premium sealed finish
  • Umbrella raises and lowers via rope and 4 pulley lift
  • Pole Diameter 1.75"
  • Allow 5-6 weeks to deliver
  • Freight is included
  • This is a 50% down payment of $5,583. Balance of $5,583 is due 7 days from receipt of goods.
  • Total order price is $11,168.
  • US$5,583.50
    Custom order: Sunbrella Navy/Taupe

    • 9' Sunbrella Navy/Taupe canopy
    • Aluminum frame with antique bronze finish, crank lift and tilt
    • 1.5" O.D. pole
    • Aluminum ribs
    • Shipping is included
    • This is a custom-made, non-refundable umbrella
    • Allow up to three weeks to ship.


    Custom seat cushion order: Wilmeth

    • Chaise Seat: 25¼"W x 46¼"D x 2"H
    • Chaise Back: 25¼"W x 2"D x 28”H
    • There are two ties where the seat and back cushion fold so you can tie/secure the cushion to the chaise. Please refer to website for images:https://rh.com/catalog/product/product.jsp?productId=prod1159282
    • Back and seat cushions are sewn together.
    • Material: Sunbrella Canvas natural 5404
    Custom Sunbrella canopy

    • Customer will provide original canopy to follow as a pattern
    • Material: Sunbrella Linen Champagne
    Custom Sunbrella order

    This order comprises of:
    • One 9' canopy with a 57" radius, 1.5" grommet. Use Treasure Garden pattern at $159.95
    • One 11' canopy with a 69" radius, 1.5" grommet. Use Treasure Garden pattern at $209.95.
    • Two chaise lounge chair cushions at $239/each following customer's emailed image and specs.
    • All items use Sunbrella Canvas True Blue 5499.
    • These are custom, non-refundable items requiring apprx 3-4 weeks to produce.
    Custom Tucci Umbrella Replacement Canopy

    Shade USA will replicate customer's provided Tucci brand umbrella canopy. This is a custom-made, non-refundable order. Fabric is Sunbrella True Brown 4621.US$700.00
    Hotel Sixty80 special order

    30 7' beach umbrellas Nautical Blue/white striped with 2 white imprints and UPS ground shipping. This is a payment record for invoice Sales Invoice_Sixty_80_hotel_21US$1,265.91
    Retaining pin/chain set

    Retaining pin/chain set for market/patio umbrellas. Set of 11. US$55.00
    Sea Spray Resort Special Order

    Sea Spray Resort Special Order

    42 7' SunRaker Beach umbrellas with patented pop open table, navy blue solid. Regular price is $44.95. Promo price is $34.95. UPS ground shipping is $242.29.US$1,710.19
    Shipping only for 11' aluminum frame

    Original order is 233759 US$38.71
    Sonoran Sea Resort Special Order

    20 GALTECH 735AB76 patio umbrellas with antique bronze pole and Sunbrella Heather Beige canopy. Shipping to Maricopa, AZ 85138 is included. US$5,300.00
    Special Order

    • 2 each of CALI118 11' cantilever umbrellas @ $695 ea
    • 1 each 11" Sun Master umbrella @ $395
    • Total freight $365
    • Material for all three umbrellas is Sunbrella Canvas Tuscan 5417

    This is a custom order subject to a 30% restocking fee with customer responsible for shipping/freight costs.

    Special Order

    Special order:

    • 2 each of CALI118 at $695 ea
    • 1 each of 11' Sun Master patio umbrella at $395 ea
    • Freight $365 total
    • Material for all three is Sunbrella Canvas Tuscan 5417
    • Pole finish is antique bronze

    This is a custom order subject to a 30% restocking fee with customer responsible for shipping/freight costs.


    Special Order

    Special Order Patio Umbrella frames
    • 3  pieces of 9' frames to replace California Umbrella GSCUF908.
    • Frame: aluminum with crank/collar tilt/8 fiberglass ribs and antique bronze finish
    • Frames are $132.25 each. Shipping is $41.79 each UPS ground.
    • Order total is $522.12
    Special order

    Special order

    Special Order

    California Umbrella replacement canopy: Olefin Antique Beige US$62.00
    Special order

    • Custom made 11' x 8' umbrella replacement canopy
    • Features: single vented at top, reinforced slip rib pockets (no zippers)
    • Fabric: Sunbrella canvas brick
    • Customer will provide Shade USA with the existing canopy to follow as a pattern via UPS.
    • Shade USA will provide customer with a cover letter to sewing contactor with construction details.
    • Shipping address for sewing contractor is: Andres Sewing 2696 Lavery Ct #28 Newbury park, CA 91320
    • Lead time is apprx 2-3 weeks to ship.
    • This is a custom-made, non-refundable purchase.
    Special Order

    One chaise lounge 80 x 24 x 3. Fabric is Sunbrella Canvas Burgundy 5436. Price is $210 plus $25 UPS ground shipping.US$235.00
    Special Order

    Pacific Trail Series in Black 7.5ft with Buttercup and White Edge Design


    Umbrella is a custom order and not refundable.

    Special Order (non-refundable)

    Special order (Sunbrella black)

    • Three 9' replacement canopies with 8 ribs at $159.95 each
    • Two oval shaped replacement canopies at $380 each.
    • Customer will ship an existing canopy of each size to follow as a pattern. The old canopies will be discarded by sewing contractor.
    • All canopies use Sunbrella Canvas Black 5408
    • Shade USA will provide a cover letter to include with customer's shipment to sewing contractor.
    • Production can take up to three weeks.
    • This is a custom non-refundable order
    Special Order Basta Sole Replacement canopies): Awning Grade Sunbrella Marine Blue 4678

    This is a custom-made, non-refundable purchase for the replication of existing canopies using Sunbrella's awning grade Marine Blue 4678, quantity 2 canopies. Customer is shipping an original canopy to follow as a pattern. Shade USA will provide a cover letter to include with the shipment. Production time is estimated at 4-5 weeks from receipt of the original canopy. US$1,690.00
    Special order Colm Ryan:

    This is a non-refundable, special order for two 9' umbrella replacement canopies. The canopies require a 1.5" grommet hole opening and will fit an 8-rib frame with a 55.5" radius. The customer has agreed to cut off the needed length from each rib to conform to the 55.5" diameter radius.

    The fabric is Sunbrella highlight-ii-remix-57018-0004. The expected time to completion is apprx 4-6 weeks from the order date.
    Special order DQ Logan

    • 14 umbrellas
    • Frames are antique bronze finished aluminum with rope/pulley lift, no tilt
    • Canopies are red protexture
    • Price is $119.95/umbrella
    • Ship as two 6 packs and a 2 pack
    • UPS ground shipping total is $257.85
    • This is a back order to March 2022
    Special order Fox

    This is a custom-made, non-refundable special order for an awning cover made from Sunbrella canvas natural 5404 following the spec sheet emailed to our customer on 6/08/23. US$375.00
    Special order Galtech 587tk replacement frame

    This order is for a Galtech 587tk replacement frame. Price is $420 plus the $45.00 UPS ground shipping. US$465.00
    Special order Gurkin

    This is a custom-made, non-refundable order for:

    • One Galtech model 789 umbrella frame with black finish: 789 11' Deluxe Auto Tilt Galtech International Market Umbrellas and Stands (galtechcorp.com)
    • One 11' single-vented umbrella canopy to fit the 789 Galtech frame, fabric in Sunbrella Expand Calypso
    • One 8-ribbed 9' umbrella canopy with a 55" radius and a 1/2" grommet opening, fabric in Sunbrella Expand Calypso
    • The frame and the canopies ship directly from separate warehouses to customer
    • All ground shipping costs are included
    Special Order Moore

    This is a custom Sunbrella order for three custom replacement canopies:
    • One cantilever canopy using Sunbrella Canvas Camel (5468) @ $450
    • Two 9' canopies using Sunbrella Canvas Macaw (5429) @ 160 each
    Customer is sending old canopies to follow as a pattern, which will be discarded upon completion of new canopies. This is a custom-made, non-refundable purchase.

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